Further Information

Further information about all aspects of copyright and related rights is available on the WIPO website and in a range of WIPO publications. Many of these publications may be downloaded free of charge.

  • www.wipo.int – for the WIPO website; and
  • www.ip4all.co.uk/iplaw – For full texts of all of the treaties regulating intellectual property protection.

www.wipo.int/ebookshop – To buy publications from the WIPO electronic bookshop. These include:

  • Intellectual Property. A Power Tool for Economic Growth, by Kamil Idris. Publication No.888.
  • WIPO Intellectual Property Handbook: Policy, Law and Use. Publication No.489.
  • Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights. Publication No. 855.
  • Guide to the Copyright and Related Rights Treaties Administered by WIPO and Glossary of Copyright and Related Rights Terms. Publication No. 891.
  • Guide on Surveying the Economic Contribution of the Copyright-Based Industries. Publication No.893.
  • WIPO Guide on the Licensing of Copyright and Related Rights. Publication No. 897.

www.wipo.int/publications – To download free publications. These include:

  • WIPO General Information, publication No. 400.
  • From Artist to Audience: How creators and consumers benefit from copyright and related rights and the system of collective management of copyright, publication No 922.